buynowsBrailleNote Apex Educational GuideThe BrailleNote Apex Educational Guide contains a variety of lessons and resources designed to assist a Teacher of the Visually Impaired when working with a student using a BrailleNote Apex BT. Lessons are presented in a logical order and new skills are introduced when they are needed.  The sample lessons present new ideas in a step by step format that is easy for students and teachers to understand.

The order that the lessons are given may vary on the individual students and their educational needs. Based on our 16 years for working with BrailleNote users and students with visual impairments these goals, lessons, and rubrics we feel will meet the needs of most K-12 students from beginner to advanced. The Apex is a braille notetaker that meets the educational needs of many students and adults. 

Now Available! The QT or QWERTY  BrailleNote Apex QT Educational Guide for the QT APEX Model with the Computer Style Keyboard is now ready to ship or download.  
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More than a manual... 
BrailleNote Apex Educational Curriculum and Lesson Plans for Keysoft 9.5.